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Robert Bedard

Why Should You Hire Me?

Really, I have nothing against your Nephew, probably never even met him ... but I can tell you there is a lot more to web design than putting together a few pages that look good on one system.

I take great pride in the fact that my pages usually render well on any system from a text only (Lynx) browser running on a DOS system, to a recent version of either Internet "Exploder" or Netscape. I periodically check my pages against validation services that also include the AOL browser, and others. I do not rely on Java to determine the browser's capabilities for page formatting, but rely on trusted techniques using standard HTML. Most of my pages render as expected at 640x480 up to 1600x1200 resolution, at any color depth in excess of 8 bits.

As part of every package I do for my clients, I include assistance in registering the site with several of the main search engines. (Do I seed hundreds of search engines? No. Can you list more than a dozen? Okay, enough said.)

I also spend time helping the client to come up with the best strategy for managing their description and keywords META tags, which is how clients are going to find their sites through search engines. I have heard horror stories of clients being charged up to $1000 per keyword ... that's ridiculous.

I have years of technical expertise to bring to the table. I can help pages load faster, sites load faster, make sound recommendations about site maintenance, scaling, security, and numerous other technical issues that your Nephew may not even be aware of.

I also have several years of experience supporting computer equipment, infrastructure and users, both in home or small office and corporate environments. I have been certified in Novell NetWare, and have years of Windows NT support experience. I have had a good deal of UNIX exposure, in several variants: SCO, Solaris, and Red Hat and Caldera LINUX, and have supported X in the corporate environment. I have created NT Domains for corporate clients, and have developed backup systems to protect servers and end-users. So I can do more than just Web Development.

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