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Michels Stem Propagations

[5-10-2007] UPDATE: We are removing things from flask and will begin to release them in mid June. I have added a colum with a price for cultivars that will be ready iin mid June. Please note that there are people on the reservation list for a few of these things.

I just [9/4/06] took delivery on the rest of the Michels stem props from their lab. Some are ready to come out of flask now, others need to be replated, and will be available beginning next spring. Limited quantities are available. I suggest that you request to be added to the reservation list for anything that you really want.

Code Cultivar Price
MCM2211 Dtps. Ever-spring Light 'Lin' JC,HCC/AOS  
MCM1877 Dtps. Happy Valentine 'Spring' 25
MCM1833 Dtps. Ho's Happy Aukland 'Song' AM/AOS  
MCM2144 Dtps. Hsingying City 'Ching Hua' 25
MCM1978 Dtps. Hybridizer's Dream 'Carmela' HCC/AOS  
MCM2016 Dtps. King Shiang's Beauty 'Isabel' 25
MCM2120 Dtps. Modern Rose 'Hsin Ying' 25
MCM2142 Dtps. Montclair Valentine 'FANGtastic' 25
MCM2204 Dtps. New Toyohashi 'Three Lip'  
MCM2113 Dtps. Newberry Parfait 'Picotee' AM/AOS  
MCM1844 Phal. Evelyn Bell 'Toyon' HCC/AOS 25
MCM1623 Phal. Wishing Well 'Red Penny' 25
MCM2259 Phal. ((Rejoice x Alice Gloria) x (Sands Whim x Golden Harvest)) 'Orinda'  
MCM2224 Phal. ((Sands Whim x Golden Harvest) x Saera Loeb) 'Orinda' 25
MCM2253 Phal. (Ambotris x Luedde-violacea) '111983'  
MCM2140 Phal. (Black Beauty x Paifang's Golden Lion) 35
MCM2256 Phal. (Maraldee x Rousserole)  
MCM2179 Phal. (Red-hot Chili x Paul Tatar) '22703'  
MCM1748 Phal. Abendrot 'Celia' FCC/AOS  
MCM2112 Phal. Baldan's Kaleidoscope 'Golden Treasure' AM/AOS 25
MCM2084 Phal. Bamboo Baby 'Coqui'  FCC/AOS  
MCM2218 Phal. Bright Peacock 'Nan Cho'  
MCM2186 Phal. Brother Heather 'Nuclear' AM/AOS 25
MCM2196 Phal. Brother Sally Taylor '30503'  
MCM2194 Phal. Brother Sally Taylor '32903'  
MCM1873 Phal. Brother Stripe 'Ching San' AM/2PST 25
MCM1875 Phal. Bubble Gum 'Schwartz' 50
MCM1283 Phal. Dear Barbara 'Toyon' 25 
MCM1568 Phal. Desert Rose 'Orinda' 25
MCM1795 Phal. Double Delight 'Carteria' 25
MCM1967 Phal. Evelyn Bell '6294' 25
MCM2122 Phal. Ever-spring Angel 'Lee' 25
MCM2021 Phal. Ever-spring King 'Lee' JC/AOS 25
MCM1953 Phal. Gallant Beau 'George Vasquez' HCC/AOS 25
MCM2146 Phal. Golden Amboin 'Canary' (4n) 100
MCM2008 Phal. Golden Buddha 'Ken Peterson'  
MCM2220 Phal. Haur Jin Princess 'Isabel' 35
MCM2050 Phal. Hsingying Lip 'Hsinying' 25
MCM2221 Phal. Jungle Cat 'Bloody Mary' 25
MCM0838 Phal. Kerlu 'Del Valle' HCC/AOS 25
MCM1996 Phal. Kung's Valentine 'Orinda' 35
MCM1874 Phal. Orglade's Lemon Dew 'Toyon' HCC/AOS 25
MCM2172 Phal. Perfection Is 'Chen' FCC/AOS 50
MCM1167 Phal. Rosefrost 'Jasmine' 25
MCM1793 Phal. Rudolph 'Mango Madness' 25
MCM1332 Phal. Saera Loeb 'Isabel'  
MCM2180 Phal. Salu Peoker 'A#1'  
MCM1870 Phal. Su's Red Lip 'Ching Hua #2' HCC/AOS  
MCM2255 Phal. Taiwan Glory 'Orchis'  

Phal stem props are established out of flask, a minimum of 4 inch leaf spread, ("leaf spread" is the combined length of the two longest leaves), and are guaranteed to be correctly labeled. In some cases, larger plants are also available.


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