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Phalaenopsis Seedlings

Bare Root Seedlings and Community Pots

Seedlings for 2008


First seedling to flower
Phalaenopsis violacea coerulea

Phal. violacea 'Blue July Fourth'
Phal. violacea 'Gaston Bleu'
This is a cross made by the Nortons, using two blue selections. These are very good growers. Expect very high quality plants from this mating, with a high probability of obtaining blue progeny.

Bare Root Seedlings from seedling trays; min 3" leafspread: $25.00
Minimum 3" leafspread seedling in 2" pot = $30.00

OO6531 Doritis pulcherrima champornensis

Doris pulcherrima champornensis 'Orinda' AM/AOS
Doris pulcherrima champornensis 'Orinda' AM/AOS
Selfing of very recently-awarded [2005] form of white with yellow splash Doritis. The parent has particularly nice color; the yellow is very intense, and the splashes are broad. This is a polyploid strain. Very limited quantities are available.

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK; Selected cultivars in flower available starting in July. Watch the Selections page.


First seedling to flower
Dtps Be Pretty

Phal. Be Tris 'Ching Hua #3'
Dtps. Fureshing Pretty 'Lover' AM/AOS
A very cute multifloral hybrid that has great flower production and a dramatic lip. Good exhibition plants; not for breeding, probably aneuploid near triploid.

Seedling with 6" leafspread = $10.00 NFS

RB954 Doritis pulcherrima champornensis

Doris pulcherrima champornensis 'NF75-3'
Doris pulcherrima champornensis 'NF75-1'
A sib cross of two plants from Norman's strain; these parents are siblings of 'Orinda' AM/AOS. This is a polyploid strain. Very limited quantities are available. (Both photos are of 'NF75-1', 'NF75-3' is very similar.)

Seedlings in 2.75" pots $12.50


First seedling to flower
Doritaenopsis Pimlico Pride

Golden Pride 'Hugo Freed' HCC/AOS
Dtps. Red Elf 'Lenette #4' HCC/AOS
A remake of a great red hybrid registered by HP Norton. These are beautiful plants, with the waxiest cuticle you have ever seen; mealybugs hate these plants. Expect Red Elf to be dominant, but some size and color from the large, flat Golden Pride comes through. Excellent flower color. Beautiful dark green glossy foliage. These plants are half fasciata, where the strong orange color in Golden Amboin and Solar Flare comes from. Very limited quantities are available. Many of these have already flowered; if you want an unflowered plant, please specify unflowered.

Large Seedlings outgrowing their 2.5" pot = $25.00


First seedling to flower
Phal. Kuntrarti Rarashati

Phal. equestris 'Riverbend' AM/AOS
Phal. venosa 'El Dorado'
A remake of a great miniature orange hybrid. These This cross produces some of the darkest lipped KRs I have seen. Very limited quantities are available. Probable triploids; great flower quality, probably no good for breeding.

Bare-root seedlings 2-4" l.s. $10.00, 4-6" l.s $20.00


First seedling to flower
Phalaenopsis Veitchiana (Tetraploids)

Phal. schilleriana 'Riverbend's Light Plum Jam' AM/AOS
Phal. equestris 'B#100'
A remake of a great naturally-ocurring primary hybrid, using very fine forms of the parents. Tetraploids; Dr. AD Stock counted the parents. Very limited quantity available.

Bare-root seedlings 2-4" l.s. $10.00, 4-6" l.s $20.00
Plants in flower, in-pot: $35.00

RB1369 Dtps. (Ruby Imp x Phal. Mambo)

Dtps. Ruby Imp 'Ruby Glow' HCC/AOS
Phal. Mambo 'WO8664-1'
This should make an interesting summer-blooming red with small star-shaped flowers. Probably the pulcherrima in Ruby Imp will smooth out the color on most of these, and Mambo will contribute more color and extend the flowering period.

Bare-root seedlings 2-4" l.s. $7.00, 4-6" l.s $15.00

RB1406 Phal. equestris (Ilocos form)

Phal. equestris (Ilocos form) 'RBH-3'
Phal. equestris (Ilocos form) 'RBH-1'
Seedlings from a sibling cross of light pink Ilocos form equestris; this is the most floriferous clone crossed with the best flower quality. These will stay small and dainty. Spring flowering. Keiki freely. Plants are currently starting to flower [4-2-08].

Bare-root seedlings in flower $25.00
Potted seedlings in flower $35.00

RB1412 Phal. Vesta (Intermedia)

Phal. equestris 'Not Topper'
Phal. aphrodite formosana 'NF250-1'
The equestris parent has been surprisingly dominant in this cross, and it has contributed a good deal of color as well. Probable diploids.

Bare-root seedlings 2-4" l.s. $10.00, 4-6" l.s $20.00

RB1516 Dtps. Asahi

Phal. lindenii 'NF719-1'
Dor. pulcherrima coerulea 'Kodama Blue'
A very vigorous and heat tolerant pale lindenii is here mated with the famous 'Kodama Blue'. Since pulcherrima is very dominant for color in this cross, I expect to see a few indigo lips in the progeny. Might get lucky and see more than a few. These beautiful plants should be very tolerant of a wide range of conditions and flower for extended periods when mature.

Bare-root seedlings 2-4" l.s. $10.00, 4-6" l.s $20.00, Comm-pot $40.00

Plants not listed with a pot size are bare root from seedling trays.
Please have potting materials ready.

Many plants first flower in 2" pots,
however do not reach their potential until mature.

Plants listed in 2" pots will be in 2-1/8", 2-1/4", 2-1/2" or 2-3/4" pots.

We actively cull our seedlings, so if it has previously flowered, it will be average or better quality. Please request unflowered seedlings if you prefer to receive seedlings that have not flowered yet.

Community Pots are planted out at 8-10 plants, depending on the size of the plants, which usually are about 2 to 4 inch leaf spread when potted. Please contact me before ordering if the quantity or size of plants is an issue for you, so we can make sure that you get what you want.
Pricing for community pots (unless specified otherwise in the description of the cross), 1-10 comm-pots: $40 ea., 10+ comm-pots: $30 ea.


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