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This list is by no means comprehensive; however, you might find some links of value here. Generally, I only list those nurseries that I have done business with, and found to be of stellar quality. Same goes for the links under supplies; I have only listed those that I purchase from. The organizations section has several plant societies, and other non-profit horticultural organizations. The reference section contains links of informational nature that I have found useful.

Nurseries / Plant Material / Services

Andy's Orchids
Species Specialist; has a comprehensive listing of Orchid species. Nice people.

Applied Science Center
John Ewing has passed away. He will be missed. Thanks for your contributions, John.

Bedford Orchids
Howard Ginsberg has great stock, and is an interesting person. I love to read the essays on his site. He has really good plant material at very competitive prices too.

Big Leaf Orchids
As the name implies, Peter Lin originally specialized in Phal gigantea hybrids; now he is importing a wide variety of excellent-quality Phals, both species and hybrids. Very choice plants.

Carmela Orchids
Fantastic quality Phalaenopsis and Cattleyas. Very nice people.

Fordyce Orchids
Frank Fordyce breeds some of the most unique colored cattleya hybrids I have seen. Very nice people. Their site is down [4-29-08].

Green Plant Research
Ted Green has the most comprehensive list of Hoyas that I have ever seen, and unlike many others, he is actually shipping almost everything on his list. If you are even remotely curious about Hoyas, check out some of the photos on his site. Amazing.

Olympia Orchids
Really great quality hybridizers of multiflora Phalaenopsis. Good selection of stem propagations.

Absolutely stellar operation; fantastic quality, the Nortons are delightful people; highly recommended.

Phoenix Orchids
Eric Goo has some excellent stem props of diploid red breeding stock, and some very informative white papers on breeding and doing stem propagations.

Sapphire Dragon Orchids
Rob Shepherd specializes in blue Phalaenopsis breeding.


American Orchid Society
"Providing global leadership in Orchids." Excellent selection of Orchid related books.

AOS Pacific Central Judging Center

Big Leaf Orchids Forum
Phalaenopsis Online discussion forum; join Phal growers from all over the world, discussing our favorite Genus.

The Hybridizers Forum
For discussion, information and collaboration on hybridizing orchids. The forum operators have 100 years combined experience.

Hilo Orchid Society
An old friend, the late Stan Dinsmore, was the webmaster.

International Hoya Association
Hoyas make ideal orchid companion plants. Try some, and join the Hoya Society.

International Phalaenopsis Alliance
Promoting Excellence in Phalaenopsis. Please join.

Orchid Digest
Offering an excellent alternative. The Orchid Digest is a stellar publication. Please support them.

Royal Horticultural Society
The International Orchid Hybrid Registrar

San Francisco Orchid Society
An outstanding organization with some exceptional growers.


Cal-West Orchid Supplies
Teak and Plastic baskets, New Zealand Sphagnum, Stakes, etc.

Chula Orchids
Got clear plastic pots? Harry does. The best prices and selection of clear plastic pots. Very nice folks.

Gallup and Stribling
The source for Hill's Orchid media. Among the best flasking service for Cattleyas and Phalaenopsis.

The world's most complete and accurate orchid research software.

Phyto Technology Laboratories
Everything you need to run your lab. They are very helpful, and provide a bunch of white papers on setting up processes and procedures.

Quarter Acre Orchids
Complete selection of orchid supplies, including clear orchid pots, adorable plant clips, premium New Zealand sphagnum, pre-washed coconut husk, teak baskets and more!

Tropical Plant Products
If you are located on the East Coast, the place to go for supplies. Very nice people.


California Department of Food and Agriculture

CD Moulton Inexpensive Home Flasking
A way to flask Orchids at home in the Kitchen, using VERY easily obtainable and inexpensive materials. (Think Peters 20-20-20 and Cornstarch in soda bottles.) I have not tried this, as I have a Laminar-flow hood, and it is easier for me to do flasking the "normal" way, but if you want to try and make a hybrid and grow the plants yourself, with very little cash outlay, this $7.50 book (downloadable PDF version is $7.50), is worth a look. I believe that this process looks very promising.

One possible place to start if you have questions regarding CITES.

EPA Pesticide Product Labeling System
Look up pesticide labels by EPA Registration number. Handy if your pesticide label gets damaged, and you need to capture the information it used to contain.

FTC Whitepaper on the 30 Day Rule
This is the low-down on the Federal Trade Commission Rule on Telephone and Mail-order Merchandise. Did you know that seeds and plants are exempt from the normal requirement to ship within 30 days of completing the order, (unless you are given a ship-date)?

Greenhouse, Building for Chicken-scratch
Ideas on how to build a very inexpensive double-poly inflated greenhouse. My second greenhouse was constructed this way.

Greenhouse, Planning and Building a
Good article on planning and building a greenhouse. Very good overview on site selection, selecting a heater, different covering technologies, controls, etc.

Molecular Phylogeny, Biogeography, and Evolutionary Trends of the genus Phalaenopsis (Orchidaceae)
Doctoral dissertation by Chi-Chu Tsai; this links to the abstract page. A 200 page dissertation on the evolution of Phalaenopsis. Much is way over the head of a general audience, but don't let the title scare you, much is well within anyone's grasp. Fascinating read for anybody seriously interested in Phalaenopsis.

The Orchid Mall
Comprehensive listing of Orchid Growers on-line.

Jay Pfahl's excellent source of information on orchid species. Please make a donation.

PAN Pesticides Database
Great information.
Alain Brochart's excellent and comprehensive Phalaenopsis species and primary hybrid photo site; an absolute must for anybody interested in Phal species, and many who are not ... features photos by many contributors; many photos of each species, not just one or two, so you can see variants; has photos of both parents of primary hybrids and their progeny (very cool); and the site is well-designed and easy to use. Highly recommended.

PPQ Permits CITES and ESA
Where to go for Import/Export Permits for plants (like Orchids) that are covered by CITES, and information on the Endagered Species Act.

UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program

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